How To Determine Your Skin Undertone


Have you ever bought a cosmetic product only to find out it doesn't match you when you try it again at home? 

This could be because of the colour that doesn't suit your undertone. It's important to pay equal attention to your undertone and skin tone when choosing a cosmetic product.

Skin undertone is the subtle colour beneath your skin's surface. It doesn't change like your skin tone - even after a tan. But by knowing and understanding your skin undertone, it helps you choose the right lipstick or blush!

There are three undertone colours:
Warm: base tone is yellow or gold
Cool: base tone is hints of blue, pink, or red
Neutral: skin's natural colour is more evident and sometimes a mixture of warm and cool hues

Do know that fair-skinned girls can have warm undertones and tan/dark-skinned girls can have cool undertones. Even if you have the same skin tone as your friend, your skin undertones may be different.

How to determine your skin undertone:

1. By checking your veins - choose a spot with natural light and turn your arm to see your forearm and look at your veins. Green veins are warm tones, blue/purple veins are cool tones and if it's neither, it's neutral tone.
2. Test with gold or silver jewellery - gold jewellery fits warm undertone, and silver on cool undertones - if your skin looks great on both, it's neutral. If it doesn't work on your skin, you can try it on your (undyed) hair.
3. Do you burn or tan in the sun? If you burn, you have a cool undertone and if you tan, you have a warm undertone.

When finding the for the perfect foundation, choose one that 'disappears' and blends seamlessly in the skin of your lower neck/jawline or chest area. This is to avoid looking unnatural or 'caked', which happens when your foundation doesn't match your skin undertone.
At Pre Theory, we believe that everyone deserves to have a foundation shade that matches. Our foundation comes in 8 shades ranging from fair to dark - find one that matches you today. 

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  • Hani

    Thanks for this! I’m new to makeup so these tips really helped~

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