What's the difference between Vegan & Cruelty-free makeup?


Hello everyone! Today we will be talking about the difference between vegan cosmetics and cruelty-free makeup.ย 

What is vegan cosmetics? Vegan cosmetics means that the ingredients that make the product is absent of any animal ingredients.

So, what is cruelty free cosmetics? Cruelty-free, on the other hand, means that the products were not tested on animals.

Vegan items can have been tested on animals just as cruelty-free products carry ingredients that are derived from animals.

So if you are changing your lifestyle into a more vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, be sure to make background information checks on companies to ensure that they line up with your values.

What are the common animal-derived ingredients found in cosmetics? The list below shows you some of them but not limited to:

๐Ÿฏ honey
๐Ÿ beeswax
๐Ÿ lanolin (wool grease)
๐Ÿฆˆ squalene (shark liver oil)
๐Ÿž carmine (crushed-up beetles)
๐Ÿ„ gelatin (cow or pig bones, tendons or ligaments)
๐Ÿ„ allantoin (cow urine)
๐Ÿณ ambergris (whale vomit)
๐Ÿ‘ placenta (sheep organs)

While these ingredients are harmless, they're no better for you. The idea of smearing on animal parts on your body - from shampoo, shower gel, or even cosmetics - can be deterrent in the long run.

Here at Pure Theory, we are proud of being both a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company.
Our products are pure and safe - we only use 100% natural vegetable oils, keeping your skin moisturized and healthy.ย Instead of sacrificing animals with unnecessary experiments, we replace our tests by testing animal substitutes in a safer way.

You can rest assured when you use products from Pure Theory as we are both a vegan and cruelty-free make up company!

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